Meet Four Early-Stage Startups Building Equity for their own Communities

  • Communifi — providing Black and Brown communities in NYC with access to fast, affordable internet by training and employing local youth as wifi installers in partnership with NYC Mesh
  • Karen’s Club — empowering patients of color with the knowledge and trust to pursue clinical trials that can save or extend their lives
  • Touchdown NYC — connecting returning New Yorkers with mentors who know personally what it takes to rebuild a life after incarceration
  • Unlocked Labs — unlocking potential by improving access to high quality education for incarcerated individuals
Nkosi Cain of Touchdown NYC featured in a recent NowThis segment.
  • GoodCall NYC provides free legal support to New Yorkers who’ve been arrested
  • JustFix co-creates tools with tenants, organizers, and legal advocates to fight housing injustice
  • Upsolve provides education and tools for financial management and is now America’s #1 free tool for filing bankruptcy
  • Heat Seek helps tenants resolve their home heating issues by providing temperature data to expose the problem and hold their landlords accountable




Fighting poverty in New York City since 1988.

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Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Fighting poverty in New York City since 1988.

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